Warehousing and logistics

Reliable logistic partners play a primary role when it comes to the export of finished products. Effective and long-term cooperation is possible only if goods are delivered without delay. And it does not matter where the products are sent either to one of the regions of the Russian Federation or to the most remote point of the planet.

To provide customers with timely receipt of carbon black, we carefully study capabilities and reputation of transport companies that are considered for entering into contracts. The most important criteria in the selection process are the following:

As a result, we cooperate with the best transport services providers only.

Our opportunities

Our company can provide products delivery by any transport means. We are ready to arrange:

In addition, our company can arrange delivery of products by applying technology of multimodal transportation. Carbon black will be shipped by road to the port of shipment. There it is transshipped. From the port of destination cargo is delivered to the consignee by road.

If terms of the contract provide for frightening of cargo, our specialists will be engaged in providing reservation of areas on the ship and arrangement of international container shipping, including the freight itself and preparation of shipping documents. We provide a full-scale comprehensive service – from intra-port forwarding to cargoes storage in warehouses of Europe, USA and Turkey.

Advantages of our logistics

Entering into contract on cooperation with our company, you get:

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