Laboratory equipment

Carbon black refers to a group of highly dispersed materials formed as a result of incomplete combustion or thermal decomposition of hydrocarbons. Their sources are gases of natural and industrial origin, petroleum products and coal. Classification according to the international standard ASTM is based on the ability of carbons black of certain brands to influence the speed of vulcanization of mixtures for rubber manufacturing. Grades of products with normal speed have index "N", with slow - "S".

Special equipment is used to determine characteristics of carbons black and to meet their quality requirements of ASTM standard. Laboratory for analysis of these products shall be equipped with:

Only complex equipment of the laboratory will allow to carry out the most accurate quality study.

Absorption meter

This plant is the most important and indispensable assistant in analysis of absorption ability of products. Device provides with extremely accurate data.

The absorption meter is used to measure force at which carbon soot resists rotation of machine blades when oil is added. It also allows to determine level of absorption of carbon black. Liquid performing function of titration component is added to the mixing chamber from high-precision buret. The torque curve depends on the degree of hydration of the powdered sample. It can be manifested in three different phases:

This laboratory plant is assembly of the following components:

Hydraulic press

Using this unit compressed samples of carbon black, that is intended to be sent to rubber industry companies, are prepared. Such samples allow to determine COAN oil absorption degree according to ASTM.

Sieve residue analyzers

These devices are manufactured both in compact type and in the form of composite systems. Portable analyzers are used for periodic certification. Completed with sieves of 35-500 mesh. Composite analyzers of sieve residue are intended for permanent laboratory researches. Unit large sink is made of stainless steel and can combine 2-5 test stations equipped with automatic timers to control time during which samples are washed.

Automated shakers

Using these instruments, labor-intensive laboratory work is greatly facilitated and accelerated. Shakers provides for quick separation of carbon black of required fractions, and to determine its fractional and granulometric component. Instruments are equipped with a digital timer and hammer.

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