Branches of the company

Carbon Black SA is specializing in arrangement of timely delivery of high-quality carbon black of domestic production to all countries of the world. Today we are among the top five suppliers of this raw material. We cooperate directly with the largest Russian manufacturers, including such companies as:

About 70% of carbon black manufactured today serve needs of tire industry. About 20% are consumed by manufacturers of different types of rubber and plastics, where this raw material performs the function of reinforcing additive. About 10% is purchased by companies operating in the printing industry and paint industry.

Why so many branches

To ensure prompt delivery of carbon black to partners from Russia, Europe, Asia, America and Africa, our company has found it necessary to arrange its offices in different countries of the world. Only this way we can guarantee our customers:

Our credo is operative response, thoroughly thought-out logistics plus an individual approach to each client!

Our exact location:

Such an extensive network of representative offices allows us to actively promote high-quality Russian products at all global markets. At the moment, the most large-scale consumers of domestic carbon black are companies of the European Union and states of the Middle East.

In each country where our office is located, we have well-equipped warehouses where products can be stored almost indefinitely, waiting for shipment to the consignee without losing excellent characteristics. Our logistics service will take care to ship and deliver raw materials in due time.

We are focused on intensive growth of supply volumes. Our main task is to increase the range of supplied products. And of course we work diligently to ensure that Russian carbon raw materials sales geography is constantly expanding. This is both in our interests and in the interests of domestic manufacturing plants.

How our company works

We focus on such goals as:

We do everything necessary for raw materials to be received by our customers’ companies without any delays and to comply with the required characteristics. In cooperation with our company you get a reliable partner, which you can always rely on. We do not fail and are responsible for quality of delivered products!

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